Consensys recently announced its list of the top 20 blockchain projects by developer activity.  The list contains 16 projects that are based on Ethereum alone, with Status holding the topmost position. Others in the list include IoTex, Aelf and two more projects, of which one is built on Tendermint, one on EOS.

According to the New York-based blockchain software tech company’s post, “The month of June showed significant changes in rankings for activity on Github, with projects like Streamr, Colony, and Truffle all slipping out of the Top 20 after a good showing in the previous month of May. June also saw big moves from perennial developmental leaders like Status and Storj.”

Names of blockchain projects from the list are given below:

Status Storj Cosmos (Tendermint)Gnosis High Fidelity (EOS)IoTex Augur Origin Protocol MakerDAO 0x OmiseGO Aragon Aelf Trust Wallet Santiment Golem Decentraland Metamask BlockScout Neufund

The omission of Cardano from the list was the most notable one. The public blockchain and cryptocurrency project saw the most GitHub activity on 2018 with 45,758 commits, 5754 stars, 5639 watchers, 559 contributors, and 16 languages.

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Source: Consensys lists top 20 blockchain projects by developer activity