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Today marks the launch of a new startup: Pivot Health, which is looking to disrupt the traditional healthcare staffing market.  The Seattle-based company seeks to help healthcare professionals advance their careers. Its platform also helps employers (like hospitals) find premiere talent.  “Healthcare is the fastest growing labor market in the country and also the most inefficient,” cofounder Simon Frey said in a recent phone interview. “We are transforming how clinicians find jobs and how hospitals connect with talent.”Here’s how it works: Prospective job seekers can set up a profile for free on the startup’s website. Hospitals that use the site to make a placement have to pay Pivot Health a fee of 15 percent.

Additionally, the site provides clinicians with advancement techniques, including negotiation tools, salary benchmarks and resume feedback.

For right now, the company is focusing on helping physician assistants and nurses find jobs, though it hopes to eventually branch out to aid physicians.

Its current landscape is the Seattle area and Washington state. During the fourth quarter of this year, Pivot Health will expand to California and Oregon, Frey said.

Pivot Health’s model may look a bit familiar — after all, there are plenty of healthcare-related online job boards and staffing agencies out there.

But Frey said the startup is setting itself apart from competitors in the space.

For one, it doesn’t solely engage individuals who are actively seeking jobs — it also connects with passive candidates who are open to new opportunities. By removing the intermediary (the staffing firms), it streamlines the job finding process and improves the matchmaking process. Additionally, Pivot Health has a heavy focus on improving diversity in the healthcare workforce, both by helping improve job access for underrepresented clinicians and by seeking to address the pay gap between minority and non-minority employees.

The startup is self-funded, Frey noted, but is currently raising its seed round, which should close in the next month or so.

It has also received a grant from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Pivot Health has worked with various other organizations as well, including CredSimple, Elevar, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses and the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Alliance.

As Pivot Health continues to grow, it will focus on what it initially set out to do: solve the disconnect surrounding the healthcare job seeking experience.

“If you were to ask most healthcare CEOs, they’d name human capital management as one of the greatest challenges,” Frey said. “We thought it’s a big, complex problem we want to tackle.”


Source: Pivot Health wants to change the way healthcare professionals find jobs