Securing Logins to Blockchain.

Nimbus-Key ID & Authentication.  DE-MFA .

Password-less and Touch-less.
 Authentication. More Secure.

Over 15 Billions passwords have been stolen and are on the Dark Web.  They have the keys to your enterprise.  We must move away from password authentication. Our patented Nimbus-Key System provides a new level of security for authentication onto your enterprise.  

Our Nimbus-key system is a password-less and touch-less authentication in an encrypted QRcode.  Dynamically encrypted MFA.  Protect your information in a whole new way.  


Blockchain in Healthcare. A Revolution is Coming.

Blockchain is a new internet, distributed ledger technology that creates a single point of truth.  It is more secure than centralized databases and impervious to hacking because of the encrytption technology and consensus algorythms.
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A Revolution is Coming. The Crypto Valley Association is an independent, government-supported association established to take full advantage of Switzerland’s strengths to build the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem.
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Digital Banking is Advancing

Token Private Sale! November 1, 2024








Please be patient as we are making sure that all of our regulatory filings with the SEC and FINMA are compliant.
Thank You.

One Nimbus-Key to Authenticate.

Nimbus-T has a patent technology, our Nimbus-Key System, which creates a global identifier then double encrypts and outputs it as a QR code.  This is not a normal QR code,  your identity information can’t be seen with normal QR code readers.  Protection starts here.  Furthermore, we place an identity band around it to not confuse it with normal QR codes.

This Nimbus-Key manages your other healthcare identities securely. Our technology can provide better authentication and fraud reduction.  It can help prevent duplicate medical records, ensure proper patient record matching, ensure proper authentication for telehealth visits, prescriptions, medications, and lab tests.

NT Coin is Coming.

We almost launched NT Coin last surge in Crypto, we were in Switzerland, the banking industry would not set up a bank account.  We decided to wait as we are back in California.  We are gearing up to join the crypto wold with NT Coin soon!  Please join our network if you are interested in a new way of paying for medical services and getting rid of fraud and abuse in the current system.  We are talking about $4.5 Trillion in expenditures and 25% is criminal fraud and abuse.   

Distributed Ledger Technology.

The New Technology of the Blockchain

The advent of the largest identity breach, the Equifax intrusion, where 143 million identities were stolen, proved that no one can secure data on normal systems.  The blockchain technology with its distributed ledger is now a major topic of discussion and it is hack proof.

Digital identity is critical to many business and social transactions. It enables ways to interact with billions of users in the digital world. However, traditional identity systems are costly, disjointed, fallible, and hindering innovation and greater customer experience.

Benefits of protecting the blockchain access with Nimbus-Key ID

For consumers

  • Convenience and simplified experience for accessing various services
  • Improved privacy protection
  • Greater control over personal data

For businesses

  • Reduced risk and cost of data breach
  • Efficient compliance management and monitoring
  • Rapid on-boarding and improved customer experience

For regulators

  • Standardized process
  • Prompt auditing
  • Increased efficiency in compliance control, monitoring and quality

The Future of

Healthcare Payments

What is a Cryptocurrency?

In 2008 a white paper was written by a person or persons, named Satoshi Nakamoto, that revealed a new technology that created Bitcoin. This was the first cryptocurrency and has been working as a global method of sending digital currency peer-to-peer without a bank intermediary. The advantages were significant in that transactions happened very fast anywhere in the world, rather than days as in the banking system. Costs of transactions were very cheap. Security was significant in that transactions were anonymous, a person with a Bitcoin Digital Wallet and a “Public and Private Key” created through solid encryption were protected. The amount of Bitcoin to ever be produced was 21 million which meant that the currency would not be manipulated as in government issued “Fiat” or paper currencies which are regularly being printed causing a devaluation of that currency. Bitcoin was a new digital currency that would actually increase in value as the demand increased because there is only a limited supply.

What is Ethereum and Ether?
Ethereum is a blockchain technology that is the second most popular after Bitcoin. Where Bitcoin is for monetary value transactions mostly, Ethereum goes beyond to deliver “Smart Contracts” which allow for execution of workflow logistics in the process of managing value exchanged. Ether is the equivalent of Bitcoin, that is to say that the Coin or Currency is the Ether. We are building our technology on the Ethereum platform.
What is a distributed ledger?
In the cryptocurrency world the data from transactions such as “debits or credits” are logged into the “blochchain”, which is a system to ensure that each transaction is validated onto the system in a “de-centralized” manner. The “ledger” of these transactions is replicated across thousands of computers globally, as the transactions are verified as “true” by “miners”. The miners perform extremely complicated mathematical equations that need solving in order to validate each block of the blockchain and they get paid in Bitcoin. The distributed ledger is not susceptible to hackers because a copy resides within thousands of computers which synchronize and maintain a correct version of all activity.
What is an ICO or Initial Coin Offering?

An ICO or initial coin offering is actually a misnomer because it is really an ITO or initial token offering.   The Ethereum platform allows for the creation of new currency in the form of tokens.  The terminology is better referred to as a token sale.  The price of the token is dependant upon the status of the technology to be rolled out or developed.  Some tokens are a fraction of a cent while others much more.  The price of the cryptocurrency is very volatile which is to be expected as these new companies grow.  It is imperative that you as the investor be aware that the ICO is not an investment.  You should not expect any returns at all and in-fact may lose all of your money.

Information is current as of January 16, 2018.  Despite these warnings that are required by the SEC, it is apparent that many investors are purchasing these crypto-currencies and holding onto the tokens.  Bitcoin has reached $12,000, Ether has reached $1,200 and a 2600% increase in the last 8 months.  Our good friend David Siegel, CEO of and the Pillar project raised approximately $20M and within 30 days their market cap is now almost $80M!  a 400% increase in such a short time.  So please, study the market and chose wisely.  There are now over 1,000 crypto-currencies and a market cap of over $585 Billion (1/16/2018)!  The volatility of cryptocurrencies is a tremendous and very high risk to participate. Check out Coin Market Cap as a research reference.

What is a Cryptocurrency Token?
Today there are over 1,000 new cryptocurrencies with a total market cap of over $585 Billion (1/16/2018). These currencies are traded on exchanges just as stocks are traded on Wall Street. A company wanting to raise capital by way of an ICO (initial coin offering) will do so by issuing “Tokens” which have a monetary value in the crypto world. You can see the massive activity by going to Coin Market Cap. To clarify the difference between a “coin” and a “token”, a coin is the base currency such as Bitcoin or Ether and the Tokens are issued and similar to “tickets or certificates or gift cards”. Take the commonly used Starbucks app on your mobile phone, it is connected to your bank account and all you do is press a button to reload your app with $50 and you are good to order your next latte. The advantage of crypto currencies over normal currencies is faster and cheaper transactions. A merchant may pay 3.5% to accept credit card payments and a credit card holder may pay 24% annual interest (highest legal rate) to use normal currencies to purchase goods. In comparison, a crypto currency will only cost a fraction of 1% by both transacting parties. For a more detailed explanation of a Token.

Why are we doing a Token Sale?
Nimbus-T has a patent pending technology for enhanced security around patient identities and access to your medical information across healthcare systems.  Hospital information systems are behind the curve when it comes to security and it is your medical and personal information that is a risk.  Our technology is about 90% complete and we need the ICO for funding the completion and rollout of our technology.  You can help us achieve this goal and move healthcare toward a more secure and efficient system.  Ultimately we see your Nimbus-Key or encrypted global identity as the protection for aggregating all of your healthcare information in a secure manner.  Imagine your doctor being able to see a new portal with an array of information from your digital health to your genomic data that you have control over.  Then imagine having control of that information so that you may participate in clinical trials as a patient and be paid for it?  The new blockchain technology creates a distributed ledger on the Ethereum platform to secure that information as well as transactions across the platform.

In the United States, health insurance carriers are very inefficient in orchestrating healthcare payment transactions, there is a 45% loss due to excessive paperwork, oversight, and adjudication.  In the future, we hope to introduce a new healthcare payment system that removes such inefficient intermediaries and provides a peer-to-peer secure transaction architecture.

The reason we are doing this ICO is to move healthcare to a new level of security and control, one that you are in charge of managing.  Secure, efficient and easy.

Disclaimer Regarding a Token Sale.
Disclaimer: This document and others do not constitute a prospectus of any sort and are not a solicitation for investment. The NIMBUS-T token does not represent an ownership or share in ANY public or private corporation, or other entity in any jurisdiction. Ownership does not entitle you to any voting rights of the company.  Purchasing a NIMBUS-T token is not an investment and should not be expected to have appreciation and in fact you may suffer a total loss in unexpected events. Acquisitions of NIMBUS-T tokens through the token sale are non-refundable. NIMBUS tokens are only to be used in connection with the future NMBUS-T system and network under the terms and conditions. NIMBUS-T tokens are a new crypto-currency, a technology that uses the blockchain and distributed ledger technology to perform trustless transactions that remove intermediaries that in the past presented large costs with their usage.  The technology allows for peer to peer transactions which are protected with encryption technologies.

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