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We want to thank all our our readers and followers as we enter 2019.  Nimbus-T is developing a blockchain solution to secure identities in healthcare across the globe.  A single global identity linked to your other identities making it easier to aggregate your medical information where you can access and control from the Nimbus-T app.  We are planning on the issuance of an STO later this year as we seek regulatory guidance and approval.  The issuance of a new payment system for healthcare which will allow hospitals and employers to buy for their employees NT Coin and use it to pay for services which will reduce costs to those systems by 40%!  Our initial focus is the USA and Switzerland markets, the most expensive in the world due to the intricacies of processing transactions, management and oversight.  Our system will reduce fraud and authenticate patients and doctors to ensure improved delivery of healthcare while again reducing errors and fraud.

The United States alone, a $3.5 Trillion market has not been able to control costs despite all of the “contracted healthcare” and “pay for performance” gimmicks.  Imagine being able to pay with your mobile phone secure ID from your crypto wallet to the provider’s account!  The cost of heathcare will decrease,  the safety and efficiency will improve dramatically!

We will need your help to grow this global vision to deliver better healthcare for all.  If you would like to volunteer please join our Nimbus-T Telegram Channel.

You can email us directly:

Thank you.

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